Black Or White

Shipped in 5 Gallon Pails

Sealant Technologies offers the AireBarrier Spray Sealant which comes in convenient 5 gal pails because they are easy to transport, manage and dispose of. This polyurethane sealant is designed specifically for use by the Spray Foam Hybrid portable two component spray machine.

Air sealants are an excellent choice for duct sealing, creating air barriers and air sealing. Because it is made of closed cell technology, it is much more dense type of material than open cell chemistry. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier sealant as well as a water vapor barrier.

What Is An Air Barrier?

As a 100% medium-density closed-cell spray sealant, AireBarrier Spray Sealant does not include any ozone-depleting blowing agents. Moreover, it is a smarter replacement for chemically based medium density low pressure systems like the Froth Pak because the finished product is much more affordable. In addition to its positive environmental footprint, AireBarrier Sealant has tremendous adhesion so that you can be assured that it will maintain it's integrity over a wide range of substrates. 

Tar Roof Repair

Amid the push to make commercial buildings more earth-friendly, one necessary fix is sometimes overlooked – cutting down on hidden heat leaks by adding a durable air barrier to a low slope roof. Up to 40% of a building's energy costs for heating and cooling are wasted by uncontrolled air leakage, which also contributes to condensation, ice damming, poor indoor air quality, and mold, according to the DOE. 

Poultry House Air Sealing

Created in 2005, the AG Sealants Platform was designed to accommodate farmers who want to increase their poultry house air sealing capacity. Many projects later, real results prove that the Patented AireBarrier Black Spray Sealant can significantly reduce the cost of performing energy retrofits on poultry farms. 

Sealing Old Brick Walls

AireBarrier brings new continuous insulation technology to the concept of dealing with air leakage in bricks. For this retrofit project, the contractor needed not only the AireBarrier platform to seal up the bricks. It was estimated that because AireBarrier Black Spray Sealant had a 500+ p.s.i. strength that it could create continuity on the wall. This would bring an end to the air leakage which existed through the wall which was causing tremendous damage to the interior walls. This is when the customer contacted Sealant Technologies, Inc for assistance. 

Sealing Up An Old Wood Kiln

Sealant Technologies offers an affordable way to take an old and existing wood kiln, which has a lot of air leakage and transforms it back to its original design. AireBarrier Black can be sprayed and will adhere to most material, including old wood, rust metal, concrete and even other plastics to form a smooth, plastic type surface which seals leaks. By air sealing wood kilns up, it is possible to preserve an older wood kiln and allow it to operate more efficiently well into the future. AireBarrier Black is a high density polyurethane air barrier which is why it works so well especially when combined with the Spray Foam Hybrid portable spray sealants machine. 

Metal Roof Repair

In recent years metal roofs have become increasingly popular. They are beautiful, colorful, and add value to the building. One of the primary reasons that metal roofs add value is that they have a long expected lifespan. Additionally, if the roof is properly installed it should be capable of withstanding most climatic conditions, providing excellent protection from the elements. Nevertheless, as resistant as they may be, metal roof repair and maintenance is still essential to guarantee they will last as long as expected.

Continuous Insulation

For many years, Sealant Technologies has worked to educate the industry about the value of continuous insulation in blocking thermal bridging and helping improve thermal performance of the wall assembly. But now, in six out of eight U.S. climate zones, continuous insulation is no longer simply a value-added option.

Trailers & Containers

Our patent pending AireBarrier Black Spray Sealant can create a solid internal shell which not only creates an air seal, but it also creates a uniform envelop so that the entire trailer or container is one piece. This creates so many advantages including energy savings, longer wear and internal strength even though it is light. These are true trailer sealants.